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1. Southern Appalachian Assessment (SAA) Online Geospatial Database [SAMAB_SAA]
The Southern Appalachian Assessment (SAA) was a cooperative multi-agency effort to assess the environmental condition of the Southern Appalachian region. The SAA was described as the ecological equivalent ...

2. Analysis Products on Urbanization [NRCS_NRI_SotL_URBANIZTION]
The Urbanization maps contain preliminary 1997 NRI data as well as 1992 and earlier data. Some of the maps look at the amount of change in developed land area. The land may have been previously ...

3. Chesapeake Bay Program Water Quality Database [CBP_WQDB]
The Water Quality Monitoring database is a compilation of data for 19 parameters at 49 mainbay and approximately 150 tributary stations for Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia ...

4. Chesapeake Bay Program Watershed Model Scenario Output Database [CBP_WSM43]
The Watershed model is an application of HSPF (Hydrologic Simulation Program - Fortran ) run on a unix workstation. The model divides the 64,000 square mile Chesapeake Bay drainage basin into 87 model ...

5. Geospatial Watershed Data for the NGEE Arctic Project, Alaska [Geospatial_Watershed_Data_NGEE_Arctic]
This dataset includes geospatial data of watersheds for use in the NGEE Arctic project - HUC8, HUC10, HUC12. Includes shapefiles and KMZ files for all of Alaska and clipped for the Seward Peninsula.

6. Hydrologic units map of Wyoming, modified from USGS fourth level units [WYGISC_HUC250K]
The HUC dataset was compiled originally to provide the National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA) study units with an intermediate- scale river basin boundary for extracting other ...

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