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1. Angiosperms, gynmosperms and ferns from the Antarctic Cenozoic Age [017-82_01]
Fossil woods studies found in different Tertiary localities from King George Island. The principal discovery was found in the Fildes Peninsula ("Fossil Hill"), Sufiel Point and the surrounding of ...

2. Antarctic Rock and Paleontology Collection [0126095]
Collection of Antarctic rocks, paleobotanical specimens, and vertebrate fossils.

ENGLISH The goal of this Project is to increase the paleobotanical, palynological and biostratigraphic information of the Cretaceous and Paleogene in selected areas of Southern Patagonia, integrating ...

4. Collaborative Research: Antarctic Ecosystems across the Permian-Triassic Boundary: Integrating Paleobotany, Sedimentology, and Paleoecology [PLR_0943934]
Permian and Triassic fossil plants collected from the Beardmore Glacier area, central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica. These include permineralized peat, permineralized and petrified wood, and ...

5. Collaborative Research: Antarctic Ecosystems and Environmental Change across the Permian-Triassic Boundary: Integrating Sedimentology, Paleobotany, and Paleoecology [PLR_0943935]
This global data set of photosynthetic rates and leaf nutrient traits was compiled from a comprehensive literature review. It includes estimates of Vcmax (maximum rate of carboxylation), Jmax (maximum ...

6. Fossil Plants from the head of the Shackleton Glacier, 2003 [Shackleton_Glacier_area_paleobotany]   PARENT METADATA
Collection of Late Triassic fossil plants from unnamed hill SE of Schroeder Hill, at the head of the Shackleton Glacier. Collection consists of ~160 specimens of compressed fossil plants. Collected ...

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