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1. Antarctic Peninsula Climate Variability: Observations, Models, and Plans for IPY Research [scambos_ipyapcv]
Recent events in the Antarctic Peninsula (AP) demonstrate that ice and climate systems can change rapidly in a warming world. Air temperatures in the AP have risen six times faster than the global ...

2. Antarctic Peninsula Long Term Environmental Monitoring and Surveying [GB-NERC-BAS-PDC-00526]
LTMS will build on and extend BAS's past collection of long-term time-series of key environmental variables. Examples include the ongoing collection of the temperature record which shows that the ...

3. Behavior Of The Stratospheric Ozone Over The Antarctic Peninsula And The Southern Tip Of South America During Spring 1996 [CDA_AR_OZONO_DATA_SPRING1996]
Three dimensional total ozone variations are associated with the low ozone air mass transport, with air mass vertical exchanges through the tropopause and with other synoptic weather behaviors. The ...

4. Characterization of the Antarctic polar vortex and meridional transport using stratospheric remote observations of tracers [CNDA-ESP_ANT97-0433]
In English: During this project's lifetime, Ozone and NO2 atmospheric contents have been measured daily at twilight. The required spectrometers were developed at INTA and an agreement between INTA ...

5. Dry Valleys Late Holocene Climate Variability, Antarctica [kreutz_0228052]
This award supports a project to collect and develop high-resolution ice core records from the Dry Valleys region of Antarctica, and provide interpretations of interannual to decadal-scale climate ...

6. ETI CD - Bats of the Indian Subcontinent [ETI_Bats]
This CD-ROM contains a first treatise on all 119 species of bat currently known from the Indian Subcontinent, published by ETI and the Harrison Institute (UK). The geographical scope includes India, ...

7. Estimation of the along-shore flow in Peru-Chile Undercurrent [GLOBEC_047_CHL_011]   PARENT METADATA
Title: Estimation of the along-shore flow in the Peru-Chile Undercurrent and its inter-annual seasonal and along-shore variability. The Humboldt Current system, bound by the steep continental ...

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