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1. Big Bend National Park Bird Point Count [usgs_nwrc_bbendpt]
This data set contains unlimited distance point count data that was collected from 70 sites in Big Bend National Park, Texas. Sites were located by using systematic sampling with a random start. Each ...

2. Cardiovascular Research in Antartica [AADC-00084]
This ANARE Research Note examines the modification of major mutable cardiovascular risk factors in members of the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition (ANARE), in isolation for a year ...

3. Energy requirements and daily food consumption of crabeater seals in the Antarctic winter pack-ice [ASAC_1090]
Although the most abundant of all mammalian predators in the Antarctic marine ecosystem, crabeater seals are also one of the least understood. The most fundamental question of all - how many are ...

4. Survey of soft sediment assemblages around Casey Station (Winter grab samples), June-Sept 1998 [ASAC_2201_Casey_benthic_survey3]
Marine soft-sediment assemblages were sampled from shallow (5 - 35m) nearshore regions around Casey Station, Windmill Islands, East Antarctica in winter 1998, using a van-Veen grab (surface area 20 ...

5. Year-round Urban Raven Surveys in Fairbanks, Interior Alaska 2004-2006 [UAF-ravensurveys]
This dataset presents Raven (Corvus corax) survey data carried out for over two years at a supermarket parking lot (app. 300m*600m), strip mall, in Fairbanks, interior Alaska app. 120 ...

6. BOREAS HYD-05 Bear Trap Creek and Namekus Lake Winter Surface Flux Data [BOREAS_H5FLXD]
The BOREAS HYD-05 team collected tower flux, surface meteorological, and surface temperature data on a frozen lake (Namekus Lake) and in a mature jack pine forest in the Beartrap Creek watershed. ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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