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1. Aerosol characterization and snow chemistry at Terra Nova Bay [Aerosol_char_and_snow_chem_TNB]
Antarctic aerosol was sampled at Terra Nova Bay using an inertial spectrometer at high flow rate. This instrument can sample aerosol and deposit particles on a membrane filter with size separation. ...

2. Aerosol optical characteristics at BTN station [Aerosol_opt_char_at_BTN_station]
Measurements performed at BTN (Icaro Camp) in the austral summer 2001 - 2002 with the PREDE POM 01L sun-photometer. It detects direct solar radiative flux as well as diffuse at selected scattering ...

3. Aerosol optical depths at BTN station [Aerosol_opt_depths_at_BTN]
Measurements performed at BTN (Icaro Camp) in the austral summers 1988 and 1993 with the UVISIR-2 sun-photometer built at the FISBAT-Institute (cfr. References below). Aerosol optical depth was evaluated ...

4. Airborne radiotracers [Airborne_radiotracers]
Natural radionuclides including 222Rn, 220Rn, 210Pb, 7Be have been used to examine a large variety of relevant atmospheric processes. Routine measurements of these naturally occurring radionuclides ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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