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1. A geochemical reconnaisance of the salts in the soils of the Victoria Valley [K009_1972_1973_NZ_1]   PARENT DIF
A geochemical reconnaisance of the salts in the Victoria Valley was undertaken in the 1972/73 season. A field camp was set up at Lake Vida and the area from Lake Vida to Lake Vaska, Lake Clarke and ...

2. A survey of suitable sites in the Wright Valley for boreholes and a study of Lake Vanda sediments [K009_1971_1972_NZ_2]   PARENT DIF
Two weeks were spent in the Wright Valley to survey suitable sites for boreholes to be put down as part of the International Drilling Programme. It was proposed to core the entire thickness of bottom ...

3. Observations on the development of shore lines on Lake Vanda [K009_1972_1973_NZ_3]   PARENT DIF
A number of observations on the development of the shore line around Lake Vanda was recorded. Two previous seasons found the lake level to have risen considerably but the 72/73 season the lake level ...

4. The study of the abundance and occurence of salts in the soils of the Wright Valley [K009_1972_1973_NZ_2]   PARENT DIF
Soil samples were collected and analysed from three profiles across the Wright Valley, to determine the abundance of sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, chloride and some minor elements in the ...

5. Trace element distribution and speciation in Lake Vanda, Wright Valley, Antarctica [K093_1987_1988_NZ_1]
In Nov/Dec 1987, waters were sampled from Lake Vanda, Don Juan Pond, and the Onyx River (Wright Valley) to provide information on major ion and trace element chemistry and behaviour under the range ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5

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