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1. Marine Plain 1:10000 Topographic GIS Dataset [Marn10k]
The Marine Plain dataset is a topographic database, detailing features in the plain, on the Mule Peninsula, in the Vestfold Hills. The dataset includes a 5 metre interval contour, coastline and lake ...

2. Stratigraphy of the Pliocene Sorsdal Formation, Marine Plain, Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica [marine_plain_grain_size]
The data are grain size analyses conducted by Geoscience Australia of samples collected during drilling the sections at Marine Plain. The results are summarised in the Antarctic science paper on ...

3. Subsurface investigations of Marine Plain [ASAC_2400]
Marine Plain at Vestfold Hills, contains a unique record of sea level, climate and glacial history within its sediments and microfossils. Coring of the deeper sediments will reveal how this part of ...

4. Subsurface investigations of Marine Plain - Environmental photos taken during project [ASAC_2400_Photos]
Overview: 35 Days were spent in ASPA 143 (Marine Plain, Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica) conducting non-invasive geophysical surveys. Surveys included 11 electrical resistivity soundings, 5 electrical ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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