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1. Geochemistry, paleomagnetism and intrusive history of the Ferrar Dolerites, Antarctica [K061_2004_2007_NZ_1]
A suite of geological samples were collected in the Transanatarctic Mountains for paleomagnetic and geochemical analysis. Combined with field observations, these samples will help determine magma ...

2. The direction of magma flow in the formation of the Ferrar Large Igneous Province 180 million years ago, Mt Gran and Terra Cotta Mountain, Victoria Land [K061_2004_2005_NZ_1]
An outcrop of the 'plumbing system' of one of the largest volcanic events known was investigated at Mt Gran and Terra Cotta Mountain (Victoria Land) to determine how magma reached the surface to feed ...

Showing 1 through 2 of 2
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