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1. Isotopic analysis of methane and carbon monoxide and other trace gases within firn cores from the Polar Plateau [K087_1998_2008_NZ_1]
Firn cores were sampled from Law Dome, East Antarctic Plateau and the Megadunes site on the Polar Plateau, and air samples within were analysed for methane and carbon monoxide and other trace gas ...

2. Measurements of trace substances (e.g. Nitrate, sulphate, anions, cations, methane, etc) from air and snow samples from a remote area on the east Antarctic plateau [K093_1990_1991_NZ_1]
Samples of air and snow were collected at a remote site on the east Antarctic plateau for determination of a number of trace atmospheric components to better understand the processes by which atmospheric ...

3. New Zealand International Transantarctic Scientific Expedition (NZ ITASE) - Climate variability measured from ice cores taken along the Victoria Land Coast [K049_1999_2008_NZ_1]   CHILD DIFs
The climate of the Victoria Land Coast is created by the interacting influences of the Dry Valleys, East Antarctic Ice Sheet and the Ross Sea. Slight changes can significantly alter local weather ...

4. Snow profiles (analysed for snow chemistry, isotope ratios dust flux and mineralogy) along a transect from the coast towards the East Antarctic Ice Sheet to interpret Holocene climate records [K049_1999_2008_NZ_5]   PARENT DIF
In order to interpret the climate record contained in the ice cores from Victoria Lower Glacier it was necessary to trace air mass trajectories to distinguish between marine and continental influences. ...

5. Soil and salt samples and geological observations from high altitude sites in the Upper Taylor Valley to determine the history of the Antarctic environment through the composition of salts in soils [K105_1997_1998_NZ_1]
To understand the processes of Antarctic soils as they affect the composition and distributions of salts and ice in and below the soils, the salts in very old soils and paleosols were investigated. ...

6. Soil, surface rocks and stone samples from the Beacon Valley area for microtexture analysis of quartz grains [K105_1997_1998_NZ_2]
Samples from pits, surface rocks, stones and from outcrops were collected for examination and analysis to determine the processes which quartz grains from the Beacon sandstone have been through before ...

7. The collection of fossils, qualitative microbial studies and nitrogen fixation rates of the soils from several sites in the Ross Sea region [K052_1980_1981_NZ_1]
Preliminary qualitative microbiological studies were conducted at several sites in the Ross Sea Region including Cape Bird, Taylor Valley, Wright Valley and Shapeless Mountain and Mistake Peak on ...

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