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1. Hourly, Daily, Monthly and Annual Weather Data, Climate Averages, and Snow and Ice Data for Estonia, Latvia, Livonia, and Courland (1795-1936) [NCL00027_28_30_35_44_45_46]
The Dorpat data resides in 3 books: 1) 'Zehnjahrige Mittelwerthe Nebst Neunjahrigen Studenmitteln Fur Dorpat' (C/dba W419); 2) 'Zwanzigjahrige Mittelwerthe aus den meteorologischen Beobachtungen 1866 ...

2. Ice Reports from Europe, Soviet Union, Scandinavia, and the Baltic and North Seas (1901-1977) [NCL00078]
The ice data resides in 27 volumes, 'Eisbericht Nachtrag' (C/dc 100 Ae) and 'Eisbericht Amtsblatt des Deutchen Hydrographischen Instituts', both written in German. The data contained in these books ...

Showing 1 through 2 of 2
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