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1. Hourly Observations and Monthly and Annual Climatic Data for Poland (1811-1927) [NCL00120_145]
The climate data resides in 4 books, 'Bulletin Meteorolgique Publie Par L'Intitut Central Meteorologique a Varsovie' (C/dbb AO-p) written in Polish and French. The data contained in these books are ...

2. Hourly Observations, Climatic Data, and Daily Sunshine Data for Danzig, Poland (1930-1938) [NCL00159_173]
The Danzig surface climatic data resides in 8 books, 'Ergebnisse Der Meteorologischen Beobachtungen Danzig Statt. Observ.' (C/dba AO-D) written in German. The data contained in these books are tables ...

3. Monthly, Seasonal, Annual Climate Data for Poland, Germany and Southwestern Russia (1781-1937) [NCL00076_81_90_91_92_93_94_119]
The sunshine data resides in 1 book, 'The duration of bright sunshine in Gdynia, Dantzig, and Hel, as compared with other Polish and Baltic regions' (C/dbb G661c). The data contained in this book ...

4. Temperature and Precipitation in Warsaw, Poland (1770-1910) [NCL00146]
The Warsaw, Poland data resides in 3 books, 'Notice Historique Relative aux Observations del Temperature del L'Air Faites a Varsovie' (C/dbb G661n), 'Sur la Variabilitie des Precipitations d'apres ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4

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