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1. Landscape Map of the Russian Arctic Coastal Zone [GGD613]
The map consists of ESRI Shapefiles of landscape polygons (in landscape unit types) for the Russian Arctic coastal zone (scale 1:4,000,000). The map is based on a digital circumpolar Lambert projection ...

2. Land Resources of Russia -- Maps of Permafrost and Ground Ice [GGD600]
This data set includes maps of permafrost extent, permafrost temperature, the permafrost boundary, and ground ice thickness for all of Russia. The maps are ESRI Shapefiles, which were digitized from ...

3. Land Resources of Russia -- Maps of Soil Characteristics [GGD601]
This data set consists of maps of various soil characteristics for all of Russia. The maps are available as ESRI Shapefiles and they are accompanied by databases of soil profiles and related characteristics. ...

4. Trans-Atlantic Study of Calanus: Analysis of historical time series data [GLOBEC_074_TASC_007]   PARENT DIF
The objective of this subtask of the Trans-Atlantic Study of Calanus (TASC) programme was to determine trends and seasonal cycles in abundance of Calanus in different regions of the NE Atlantic and ...

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