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1. Organochlorine Contaminant Residues and Transfers from Mother to Young in Seals, Canada [CANEMRCCRS_ORGANOCHL_SEALS]
The data is available from 1972 to the present. Samples are collected in the field with an annual growth of 30 records per site per year. The area of coverage includes ...

2. Geo-Atlas of the St. Lawrence River Basin, Canada [CANADA_GSC_GeoAtlasStLawrenceRv]
The digital library of the Geo-Atlas of the St. Lawrence summarizes the geoscientific information available for the St. Lawrence Basin. This hydrographic basin coincides with the wide geological regions ...

3. Marine Core Isotope Analysis [Canada_GSC_MarineCoreIsotope]
This dataset consists of measurements of isotope ratios (ratios of heavy to light isotopes of carbon and oxygen) in marine cores collected as part of research cruises conducted by, or for, the Geological ...

4. Marine Sediment Geochemistry Data (Pore Water) [CANEMRCCRSAGCGEOCHEM]
This dataset consists of analyses for dissolved sulfate and ammonium done on pore water samples extracted from sediment cores. In addition, most of the sediment samples have been analyzed for organic ...

5. Offshore Eastern Canada Multichannel Seismic Data As Seismic Sections [CANEMRCCRSM-CSEISMIC]
This dataset consists of 29 deep (greater than 15 seconds) crustal seismic lines that comprise the roughly 6800 kilometers of multichannel reflection seismic data collected from 1984 to 1990 offshore ...

6. Offshore and Coastal Canadian Samples Holdings - Physical Archive Database [CANEMRCCRSSID]
This data set encompasses information about the curation of all geological sample material as part of a sample inventory management system for the physical holdings archived ...

7. Tide Tables: predictions; over 200 stations in the river, the estuary and the gulf of St. Lawrence [Canada_DFO_TideTablesStLawrence]
This electronic version of the Tide Tables provides predicted times and heights of high and low tides (graphs) for today and tomorrow, and the hourly water levels (tables) for over seven hundred stations ...

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