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1. Significant Species and Habitats Database [Canada_NS_WetlandCoastalHabitat]
The Significant Species and Habitats map and databases provide a mechanism for recording both location and species of an occurance. It consists of 2 primary tables: 1. sites.dbf 2. eoccs.dbf (elements ...

2. Campsite Leases/Licenses - GIS Database [Canada_GeoNova_CampsiteLeases]
The Campsite Leases/Licenses within Wilderness Areas Database is a GIS database covering the Province of Nova Scotia. It consists of approximately 100 records, each corresponding to 1 ...

3. Nova Scotia Coordinate Referencing System Database, Nova Scotia, Canada [Canada_NS_CoordinateRefSystem]
The Province maintains the Provincial geodetic networks of control points located throughout Nova Scotia. Each control point is a permanent, fixed point on the ground for which the precise ...

4. Nova Scotia Geoscience Digital Products [Canada_NovaScotia_GeosciDigProd]
This collection contains all of the downloadable digital geoscience data products produced by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, Mineral Resources Branch (MRB). These products include ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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