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1. Canadian Museum of Nature - Fish Collection [Canada_CMN_CMNFishCollection]   CHILD METADATA
This digital database contains all fish records held at the Canadian Museum of Nature and collected from Canada and the United States as well as from associated marine water masses such as the Atlantic, ...

2. Offshore, Coastal and Selected Lakes Geophysical Survey Tracks - Expedition Database [CANEMRCCRSMULTIPARAM]
This dataset includes track locations of geophysical data collected as part of research cruises conducted by, or for, the Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic). Geophysical ...

3. PFRA Generalized Landcover for the Canadian Prairies [Canada_PFRA_Landcover]
The Landcover Generalization project was created in response to the original imagery's large storage needs and because it was impossible to render in its original vector format. LANDSAT ...

4. PFRA Gross Watershed Boundaries for the Canadian Prairies [Canada_PFRA_Watershed]
The Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA) Gross Watershed Boundaries product is a digital compilation of watershed arcs and hydrometric gauging stations for the Canadian Prairies and adjoining ...

5. Glacier Photograph Collection [G00472]
The Glacier Photograph Collection is a database of photographs of glaciers from around the world, some dating back to the mid-1850's, that provide an historical reference for glacier extent. As of ...

6. Inside Passage, British Columbia, Ferry Transects [UAF_insidepassageBC]
This data set contains survey data from the Inside Passage in British Columbia, Canada. It covers waterbird, seabird and some sea mammal data, collected with DISTANCE Sampling surveys ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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