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1. 1:50,000 Coastal Series, Nova Scotia, Canada [Canada_NS_1_50000_Coastal]
In consultation with coastal mapping users throughout the Province, the Nova Scotia Geomatics Centre (NSGC) embarked upon the creation of a Nova Scotia Topographic Database (NSTDB) 1:50,000 ...

2. Nova Scotia Coordinate Referencing System Database, Nova Scotia, Canada [Canada_NS_CoordinateRefSystem]
The Province maintains the Provincial geodetic networks of control points located throughout Nova Scotia. Each control point is a permanent, fixed point on the ground for which the precise ...

3. Campsite Leases/Licenses - GIS Database [Canada_GeoNova_CampsiteLeases]
The Campsite Leases/Licenses within Wilderness Areas Database is a GIS database covering the Province of Nova Scotia. It consists of approximately 100 records, each corresponding to 1 ...

4. Significant Species and Habitats Database [Canada_NS_WetlandCoastalHabitat]
The Significant Species and Habitats map and databases provide a mechanism for recording both location and species of an occurance. It consists of 2 primary tables: 1. sites.dbf 2. eoccs.dbf (elements ...

5. Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History - Marine Birds, Mammals, and Fishes Data [Canada_NSMNH_MarineBirdMammFish]   CHILD DIFs
This is the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History database for marine organisms, including birds, mammals, and fishes. It contains mostly Nova Scotia material but there is also representation from ...

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