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1. Lake Athabasca Water Level Reconstruction [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_2006-059]
Tree-ring reconstructed water level of Lake Athabasca at Ft. Chipewyan, Alberta Province, Canada. Reconstructed variable is the 10-day-average water level for the period July 11-20. Supplementary ...

2. NASA JSC Crew Earth Observations (CEO) Astronaut Photography [JSC_CEO_ESRS_ASTRONAUT_PHOTOGRAPHY]   CHILD METADATA
In Crew Earth Observations (CEO), crew members on the International Space Station (ISS) photograph the Earth from their unique point of view in low Earth orbit. Photographs record how the planet is ...

3. Paleontological Report Database, Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) [Paleontological_Report_Database_Geological_Survey_of_Canada_GSC]
Paleontological determinations of the age and depositional environment of sedimentary rocks is critical information for geological mapping and basin analysis. As of 2009, this database comprises metadata ...

4. Wild Species: A General Status of Species in Canada [WS_173]
The intent of the Wild Species series is to answer the following fundamental questions about wild species in Canada: which species occur in Canada, in which provinces, territories or ocean regions ...

5. NACP Peatland Landcover Type and Wildfire Burn Severity Maps, Alberta, Canada [NACP_PEATLAND_BURN-SEVERITY]
This data set provides landcover maps of (1) peatland type (bog, fen, marsh, swamp) with levels of biomass (open, forested) and (2) Burn Severity Index (BSI) (Dyrness and Norum, 1983) for four wildfire ...

The Peace-Athabasca Delta (PAD) is a large boreal wetland located in northeastern Alberta, Canada at the confluence of the Peace and Athabasca Rivers with Lake Athabasca (Figures 1 and 2). A Ramsar ...

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