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1. Storage and Retrieval of U.S. Waterways Parametric Data (STORET) [CIESIN0178]
The "Storage and Retrieval of U.S. Waterways Parametric Data (STORET)" was developed as a uniform data collection and reporting system for chemical, physical, and biological water quality data in ...

2. COMET Case Study 033:Missouri Isolated Severe Weather at UCAR/JOSS/NOAA/CODIAC [COMET033_UCAR_JOSS_NOAA_CODIAC]   PARENT DIF
On 21 May 2000, several isolated severe thunderstorms broke out in northwest Missouri. They produced golfball sized hail, up to 70 MPH wind gusts and spawned a ...

3. NLDN Lightning Data (education and research access) [UNIDATA_NLDN]
SUNY-Albany controls LDM access to the NLDN data; universities interested in receiving the NLDN data should contact David Knight (dknight@albany.edu) . These universities will be able to use the data ...

4. Upper Missouri River Basin Pilot Project (UMRBPP) Data at UCAR/JOSS/NOAA/CODIAC [UMRBPP_UCAR_JOSS_NOAA_CODIAC]
A observational and modeling field experiment focusing on the coupled atmospheric, surface hydrology and subsurface hydrology issues in the Black Hills region of ...

5. NARSTO_EPA_SS_ST_LOUIS Air Chemistry, Particulate Matter, Met Data [NARSTO_EPA_SS_ST_LOUIS_CHEM_PM_MET]
The NARSTO_EPA_SS_ST_LOUIS_AIR_CHEM_PM_MET_DATA were obtained between April 11, 2001 and July 21, 2003 during the St. Louis - Midwest Supersite program. The overall goal of the St. Louis - Midwest ...

6. NACP MCI: CO2 Flux Tower Measurements, Upper Midwest Region, USA, 2007-2009 [NACP_MCI_CO2_MEASUREMENTS]
This data set provides high precision and high accuracy atmospheric CO2 data from seven instrumented communication towers located in the U.S. Upper Midwest. The overall sampling period was from January ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6

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