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1. NLDN Lightning Data (education and research access) [UNIDATA_NLDN]
SUNY-Albany controls LDM access to the NLDN data; universities interested in receiving the NLDN data should contact David Knight (dknight@albany.edu) . These universities will be able to use the data ...

2. COMET Case Study 033:Missouri Isolated Severe Weather at UCAR/JOSS/NOAA/CODIAC [COMET033_UCAR_JOSS_NOAA_CODIAC]   PARENT DIF
On 21 May 2000, several isolated severe thunderstorms broke out in northwest Missouri. They produced golfball sized hail, up to 70 MPH wind gusts and spawned a ...

3. Storage and Retrieval of U.S. Waterways Parametric Data (STORET) [CIESIN0178]
The "Storage and Retrieval of U.S. Waterways Parametric Data (STORET)" was developed as a uniform data collection and reporting system for chemical, physical, and biological water quality data in ...

4. Upper Missouri River Basin Pilot Project (UMRBPP) Data at UCAR/JOSS/NOAA/CODIAC [UMRBPP_UCAR_JOSS_NOAA_CODIAC]
A observational and modeling field experiment focusing on the coupled atmospheric, surface hydrology and subsurface hydrology issues in the Black Hills region of ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4

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