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1. A Case Study of Hurricane Andrew (August 16-27, 1992) [UIUC_HURRIC_ANDREW]
The Weather World 2010 project at the University of Illinois offers an on-line investigation of Hurricane Andrew. This storm originated as a tropical depression on August 16, 1992 and became a hurricane ...

2. Automatic Atmospheric Sun Photometer Data for Brazil [SPANBR]
A network of 9 automatic sunphotometers operates in Brazil. Direct sun and sky radiances are acquired every hour by a weather resistant Cimel spectral radiometer in the wavelengths of 340, 440, 670,870, ...

3. Daily Observations and Weather Maps for Brazil (1929-1965) [NCL00239]
The Brazil data resides in 88 books, 'Boletim Diario Servicio De Meteorologica Ministerio Da Agricultura Cu. Do Brasil' (Oversize Foreign Met. Data) written in Portuguese. In these summaries, definitions ...

4. EOS Land Validation Core Site Characterizations Data Set; Elevation Data Set for Site #9, Ji-Parana [GLCF_CRESS_88]
This data set shows the elevation characteristics of the site specified above. Parameters specified in this data set include site elevation, mean, minimum and maximum elevation, ...

5. METEOSAT Data available at the German Meteorological Service DWD (DWD-Archive) from 1994 on. [DWD-METEOSAT_PDUS]
The German Meteorological Service DWD (Deutscher Wetterdienst) operates a PDUS-Station in Offenbach, nearby Frankfurt/Main. The METEOSAT-archive contains 3 types of images. 1. METEOSAT disk in reduced ...

6. Measuring Trace Gases (Including Methyl Bromide) in Smoke in Brazil [USDA0563]
The research data found in "Measuring Trace Gases (Including Methyl Bromide) in Smoke in Brazil" are directed toward measuring trace gases in smoke plumes over Savannah country (Brazil) and over moist ...

7. Weekly Fire Data for Brazil in AVHRR Images [FIREBR]
Active fires are detected on a daily basis on AVHRR channel 3 (3.7um) images in the period of June/01- Nov/30. Weekly composites containing fire counts for grid cells of 0.5 degrees are ...

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