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1. Downwelling surface radiative fluxes at Jan Mayen [DOKIPY_radflux-jan-mayen]
Downwelling surface radiative fluxes observed at the meteorological station at Jan Mayen Island in the Greenland Sea. Measurements are made using Kipp and Zonen CMP21 and CGR4 pyranometers and pyrgeometers. ...

2. METNO eKlima [IPYCO_a6923592036f6853b6d345dc23425b5b]
Online database.

3. SYNOP data from BJ?RN?YA, JAN MAYEN and HOPEN [DAMOC_synop]
Quality controlled synoptic meteorological measurements performed by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. Data are extracted from the public available database

4. Sediment trap profiles [DOKIPY_iAOOS-bio3]
Sediment trap measurements of POC/PON, faecal pellets, pigments were measured during 3 cruises with KV Svalbard and RV Jan Mayen in April and May 2007 and April-May 2008.

5. Transect suspended profiles [DOKIPY_iAOOS-bio2]
Suspended measurements of nutrients, algal pigments and particulate organic carbon and nitrogen measured with helicopter-ship transects on the East Greenland shelf during 2 cruises with KV Svalbard ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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