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1. Baltic Sea Ice Data Bank (1963-present) [FIMR_SEA_ICE]
Data of ice conditions such as concentration, thickness and quality of ice are available for the Baltic Sea, from 1963 to the present.

2. CTD Data collected by FIMR since 1977 [FIMR_CTD_SINCE_1996]
The data set comprises the CTD observations made by the FIMR on R/V Aranda cruises since 1977 and CTD observations made by Finnish Coast Guard on P/S Merikarhu at a fixed staton in the Gulf of Finland ...

3. Current Meter Data from the Baltic [FIMR_CURRENTS]
Current meter data is available from the Gulf of Bothnia, Gulf of Finland and Baltic Sea. These data from a series of discrete projects.

4. Marine Weather Station Data from the Finnish Coast [FIMR_MARINE_METO]
Automatic marine weather station data is available for stations near the Finnish coasts, since 1978.

5. Ocean Station Data (Ship-based and Fixed), including CTD, from the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, and Gulf of Finland [FIMR_STATION_CTD]
Oceanographic Station Data (ship based) is available for the Baltic Sea, for the time period 1898 to the present (CTD casts available only from 1977 to the present). Principal parameters are temperature, ...

6. Sea Level Data along the Finnish Coast; Longest Series from 1887 to Present [FIMR_SEA_LEVEL]
Water level observations are available along the Finnish coast. The longest time series is from 1887 to the present. Continuous measurements are available from thirteen locations around the Finnish ...

7. Wave Buoy Measurements From Finnish Coast [FIMR_WAVE]
Wave buoy measurements from the Gulf of Bothnia, Gulf of Finland and northern Baltic Sea are available.

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