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1. Marine Fish and Shellfish Surveys (F123) Data (1948 -1983) [FW00096]
This data type contains data from field sampling of marine fish and shellfish. The data derive from analyses of midwater or bottom tow catches and provide information on population density and distribution. ...

2. NODC Standard Format Meteorology, Oceanography, and Wave Spectra Data from Buoys (F291) (1970-present) [NODC_F291]
This data type contains time series meteorological and oceanographic data collected from moored buoys and C-MAN (Coastal-Marine Automated Network) stations operated by the NOAA Data Buoy Center (NBDC). ...

3. NODC Standard Format Sea Bottom Pressure Guage (F017) Data (1975-1988) [FW00062]
This data set contains time series measurements of seawater pressure from anchored or bottom-mounted sensors. Measurements of variations at depth of seawater pressure provide information on tidal ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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