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1. Arctic and Southern Ocean Sea Ice Concentrations [G00799]
Monthly sea ice concentration for Arctic (1901 to 1995) and Southern oceans (1973 to 1990) were digitized on a standard 1-degree grid (cylindrical projection) to provide a relatively uniform set of ...

2. IABP Drifting Buoy Pressure, Temperature, Position, and Interpolated Ice Velocity [G00791]
The International Arctic Buoy Programme (IABP) maintains a network of drifting buoys to provide meteorological and oceanographic data for real-time operational requirements and research purposes including ...

3. AVHRR Polar 1 Km Level 1B Data Set [NSIDC-0022]

Please note that the machine on which these AVHRR data are processed has reached its life expectancy and will no longer be available as of 02 June 2008 until further notice.


4. Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) Database and Ocean Drilling Project (ODP) Database (Janus) at Texas AM University [DSDP_ODP_DATABASES_TAMU]
These databases contain geological and geophysical investigations of the cores recovered from almost every ocean of the world. The data were collected on oceanographic cruises of the ...

5. Mare Cognitum - Nordic Seas Ecosystem [GLOBEC_012_NRWY_001]
Mare Cognitum 1993 - 2001 Mare Cognitum aimed to identify the major factors and mechanisms causing variability in the Nordic Seas ecosystem. Insight into the functioning ...

6. Nordic Seas Eemian Paleoceanography [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_97-029]
This data set consists of a comparison of Eemian and early Weichselian interglacial paleoceanography with that of the Holocene interglacial in the nordic seas (Norwegian, Iceland, and Greenland Seas) ...

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