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1. Computer Oceanographic Atlas of Newfoundland Basin and Labrador Sea [DFO_BIO_NB_LS_ATLAS]
The Computer Atlas of the Newfoundland Basin and Labrador Sea was designed to make simple, fast and reliable access to large volumes of historical and real time oceanographic data. The ...

2. Eastern Canada Gravity Anomaly Data [Canada_GSC_EastCanGravityAnomal]
This collection consists of gravity anomaly data covering the land and marine areas of Atlantic Canada and the northern east coast. The collection includes point measurements, data along survey profile ...

3. Eastern Canada Offshore Hydrocarbon Exploration Geophysical Surveys - Basin Database [Canada_GSC_OffshHydrocarBasinDB]
This data set includes general information about most offshore eastern Canada, hydrocarbon exploration geophysical surveys. It also contains detailed location information on seismic reflection programs. ...

4. Radiocarbon Age Data - Eastern, Western and Arctic Canadian Offshore and Selected Lakes [Canada_GSC_RadioCarbonAge]
Each date is a radiocarbon age determined from Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic) sediment samples. Most were analyzed by commercial labs such as Beta and Isotrace although some are from the GSC ...

5. Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) Database and Ocean Drilling Project (ODP) Database (Janus) at Texas AM University [DSDP_ODP_DATABASES_TAMU]
These databases contain geological and geophysical investigations of the cores recovered from almost every ocean of the world. The data were collected on oceanographic cruises of the ...

6. Ocean Salinity and Temperature Data from PALACE Floats for the Labrador Sea Convection Experiment [LDEO_LSCE_PALACE_SAL_TEMP]
Profiling Autonomous Lagrangian Circulation Explorer (PALACE) floats measure profiles of ocean salinity and temperature. Measurements are made as the floats ascend to a drifting horizon. ...

7. Offshore, Coastal and Selected Lakes Research Cruise Stations - Expedition Database [Canada_GSC_ResearchCruiseStaED]
This data set consists of information related to stations conducted offshore, in coastal areas and selected Canadian lakes, in particular associated site-specific information for both Geological Survey ...

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