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1. 1:50,000 Coastal Series, Nova Scotia, Canada [Canada_NS_1_50000_Coastal]
In consultation with coastal mapping users throughout the Province, the Nova Scotia Geomatics Centre (NSGC) embarked upon the creation of a Nova Scotia Topographic Database (NSTDB) 1:50,000 ...

2. Digital 1:10,000 Topographic Series (Previous Title: Digital Resource Mapping Series 1:10 000, Nova Scotia, Canada) [Canada_NS_1_10000_DigitalRes]
To effectively manage the Nova Scotia Topographic Database (NSTDB), Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations (SNSMR) has selected a 1:10,000 display scale mapping series that can be ...

3. Digital 1:50,000 Topographic Series (Previous Title: Digital 1:50 000 Mapping Series, Nova Scotia, Canada) [Canada_NS_1_50000_DigitalMap]
The Digital 1:50,000 Topographic Series for Nova Scotia was created by the Nova Scotia Geomatics Centre in 1999/2000. This 98 map sheet series covers Nova Scotia and is scheduled for completion in ...

4. Nova Scotia 1:500 000 Planimetric [Canada_NS_1_500000_Planimetric]
Nova Scotia 1:500,000 Planimetric includes major hydrology, major transportation networks, county boundaries, reference place names, and town dot symbols. This product provides users ...

5. Nova Scotia Crown Cadastral Database, Canada [Canada_NS_CrownCadastral]
The Crown Cadastral Database identifies crown lands, disposed lands, ungranted lands, posts, line data. The database is comprised of parcels created from line data with the associated attributes assigned ...

6. Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History - Marine Birds, Mammals, and Fishes Data [Canada_NSMNH_MarineBirdMammFish]   CHILD METADATA
This is the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History database for marine organisms, including birds, mammals, and fishes. It contains mostly Nova Scotia material but there is also representation from ...

7. Sample Petrography Analysis, Offshore Eastern Canada [Canada_GSC_PetrographyOffshore]
This data set consists of the identification of minerals or rock fragments in sand and gravel from samples collected as part of research cruises conducted by, or for, the Geological Survey of Canada ...

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