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1. Greenland Flow Distortion Experiment [GFDex_data]
The Greenland Flow Distortion Experiment, based in Keflavik, Iceland, took place during February 2007. Its aim was to improve the understanding and ability to predict interactions between the atmospheric ...

2. Met Office - Global Radiosonde Data (1997 - Present) [BADC_GLOBAL_RADIOSONDE]
This dataset consists of radiosonde data from stations worldwide. Stations are categorised into 7 regions: Africa, Asia, South America, North and Central America, South-West Pacific, Europe, ...

3. Riggbased measurements of currents, temperature and salinity at the Faroe Bank Channel, 2008 [IMR_2]
Measure current, temperature and salinity at the Faroe Bank Channel overflow

4. Shipbased measurements of hyrdrography, currents and turbulense at the Faroe Bank Channel, 2008 [IMR_3]
Measure turbulense structures and mixing at the Faroe Bank Channel overflow

5. TASC: The Role of Cross Shelf Exchange Processes in Controlling Seasonal Population Dynamics [GLOBEC_068_TASC_002]   PARENT METADATA
The primary objective of this subtask of the TASC programme, is to examine the role of NSDW in a) facilitation colonization of the temperate northeast Atlantic rim ecosystem by C. finmarchicus which ...

6. Trans-Atlantic Study of Calanus: Analysis of historical time series data [GLOBEC_074_TASC_007]   PARENT METADATA
The objective of this subtask of the Trans-Atlantic Study of Calanus (TASC) programme was to determine trends and seasonal cycles in abundance of Calanus in different regions of the NE Atlantic and ...

7. Trans-Atlantic Study of Calanus: Large Scale Distribution, Life History and Predation [GLOBEC_069_TASC_003]   PARENT METADATA
The distribution, abundance and population structure of Calanus are governed by production, predation, advection and behaviour. This task of the TASC programme addressed these topics on different ...

8. Trans-Atlantic Study of Calanus: Overwintering, across shelf advection and spring spawning in Shetland-Faroe and southeastern Icelandic Waters. [GLOBEC_072_TASC_005]   PARENT METADATA
The objectives of the subtask are to a) track the Norwegian Sea Deep Water (NSDW) overflow between Faroe Bank and Faroe Plateau, across the Iceland-Faroe ridge and along the shelf edge off southern ...

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