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1. A dataset of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic invertebrates [block_invertebrates]
The dataset was compiled from papers entered into Block's bibliography of invertebrate occurrences in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic. The dataset provides a comprehensive list of all terrestrial ...

2. Antarctic Echinoids: an interactive database [SCAR-MarBIN] [Ant_Echinoids_SCARMarBIN]   PARENT METADATA
"Antarctic Echinoids" is an interactive database synthesising the results of more than 100 years of Antarctic expeditions. It comprises information about 81 echinoid species ...

3. Antarctic Plant Database [88885128135760]
This database contains information on the herbarium specimens held in the herbarium of the British Antarctic Survey (international code AAS) as well as information about specimens collected in the ...

4. British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Ozone Data and Information [BAS_WMO]
The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) Ozone home page is "" The British Antarctic Survey is responsible for all of the British Government's scientific research in the Antarctic, ...

5. Checklist of insect species from the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic - 1954 [Antarctic_subantarctic_insects_checklist_1954]
Copied of a scanned document containing a check list from 1954 of known insect species from the Antarctic and sub-antarctic. Taken from the report: This check list contains all known records of ...

6. Oceanography - Zooplankton Data for Antarctica from the Instituto Antartico Argentino [CDA_AR_BIO_ZOOPLANKTON_DATA]
This data set contains zooplankton and microzooplankton systematics and ecology data.

7. Shipborne stereo camera image data of blocks of ice broken by the ship. [psrv_stereoimages_2013_14]
Color stereo camera images of broken blocks of ice taken with high resolution industrial cameras. Data format is Bayer raw. Images were taken from the ice breaking research vessel S.A. Agulhas II.

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