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1. Copepods of the Equatorial Eastern Pacific (OBIS, ESPOBIS) [cl_udec_copas_ecuador_01]
The Equatorial Region of the Eastern South Pacific across Ecuador (1??N ?? 3??S) is characterized by the influence of tropical waters from the north and sub-tropical surface waters from the south, ...

2. Macrobenthic species of the Eastern South Pacific (OBIS, ESPOBIS) [bentos_copas_cl]
In the Humboldt Current System, a rich fauna of soft-bottom communities inhabits the continental margin in contact with low-oxygen equatorial subsurface waters, and low-salinity, well-oxygenated intermediate ...

3. Planktic Foraminifera of the Eastern South Pacific (OBIS, ESPOBIS) [cl_udec_copas_foraminiferos_01]
Seasonal and interannual changes in the flux of planktic foraminifera were studies in the Humboldt Current System off Coquimbo (30???S, 73???,15W), using material collected by time series sediment ...

4. Zooplankton of the Eastern South Pacific (OBIS, ESPOBIS) [zooplancton_copas_cl]
The Humboldt Current System is one the large and highly productive upwelling ecosystems of the world ocean. In the coastal upwelling system of northern and central/south of Chile a data base of marine ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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