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1. Collaborative Research: Deciphering the Deep Ice and the Ice-water Interface over Lake Vostok Using Existing Radar Data [creyts_0537752]
This award supports a project to evaluate radio-echo intensities in the available SOAR ice-penetrating radar data along grids covering Lake Vostok, and along four regional tracks from Ridge B toward ...

2. Collaborative Research: Sloccum Glider in Western Antarctic Peninsula Continental Shelf Waters Pilot Study [martinson_0701232]
The Antarctic Peninsula (AP) is characterized by (1) the most rapid recent regional (winter) warming (5.35 times global mean), (2) a loss of nearly all its perennial sea ice cover on its western margin, ...

3. Estimating the Salinity of Subglacial Lakes From Existing Aerogeophysical Data [creyts_0636584]
This award supports a project to estimate the salinity of subglacial Lake Vostok, Lake Concordia and the 90 deg.E lake using existing airborne ice-penetrating radar and laser altimeter data. A change ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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