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1. Arctic Ocean and Climate Atlas (1950-1989) [EWG_1959-1989_Oceanograph_Arctic_Ocean]
This CD-ROM atlas contains statistics of 45 years of summer (July through September) temperature and salinity data. All temperatures in this atlas are shown as potential temperatures. Salinities are ...

2. Investigating Iceberg Evolution During Drift and Break-Up: A Proxy for Climate-Related Changes in Antarctic Ice Shelves [scambos_0540915]
Drifting tabular icebergs in the Southern Ocean just east of the Antarctic Peninsula undergo a rapid "climate change" as they move into warmer air and ocean temperatures. Using a combination of satellite ...

3. Sea Ice Atlas for the Arctic Ocean [EWG_1950-1997_SEA_ICE_ATLAS_ARCTIC_OCEAN_VER2000]
DISC 1: Sea Ice Charts and Graphical Data Each of the pages in section Sea Ice Charts and Graphical Data on DISC 1: VISUAL ATLAS, will present you with a grid of choices. Each of the pages below ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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