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1. Anisotropy, Abrupt Climate Change, and the Deep Ice in West Antarctica [waddington_0636996]
This record includes two datasets and accompanying code. The anisotropic flow dataset provides velocity and fabric evolution of anisotropic ice for several numerical experiments. The experiments ...

2. Borehole Optical Stratigraphy at Siple Dome [UW_BOS_SDM]
This data set contains the Borehole Optical Stratigraphic (BOS) profile for a borehole (designated K) approximately 50 M from the main borehole at Siple Dome, West Antarctica. BOS is ...

3. Histories of accumulation, thickness and WAIS Divide location from radar layers using a new inverse approach [Waddington_0440666]
This project used geophysical inverse theory and a 2.5D flowband ice-flow forward model to extract robust transient accumulation patterns from multiple deeper layers. Histories of divide migration ...

4. US ITASE Ice Core Data (Isotopes) [SteigITASE]
Isotope data (deltaD and delta18O) at subannual resolution from shallow ice cores in Antarctica, collected as part of the US component of the ITASE (International TransAntarctic Scientific Expedition) ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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