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1. Atmospheric Trace Molecule Spectrometry Experiment (ATMOS): Data from Spacelab-3 , ATLAS-1, ATLAS-2, and ATLAS-3 from JPL [ATMOS_JPL]
The Atmospheric Trace Molecule Spectrometry (ATMOS) was flown on four Space Shuttle missions beginning in 1985 and made measurements of atmospheric constituents up to the top of the stratosphere including ...

2. Emissions of Greenhouse Gases in the United States: Department of Energy Report and Database [US_GREENHOUSE_GAS]
The Energy Information Administration (EIA), the independent and statistical agency of the Department of Energy (DOE), provided estimates of U.S. emissions of the principal greenhouse ...

3. Environmental Measurements Laboratory's Stratospheric Radionuclide (RANDAB) and Trace Gas (TRACDAB) Databases, CDIAC/DB1019 [CDIAC_DB1019]
The DB1019 database consists of two databases from the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Environmental Measurements Laboratory (EML): stratospheric nuclides (RANDAB) and trace gas (TRACEAB) measurements. ...

4. NOAA/CMDL Bromide Latitudinal Air/Sea Transect (BLAST 1) 1994 Data [NOAA_CMDL_NOAH_BLAST1]
The goal of the NOAA/CMDL Bromide Latitudinal Air/Sea Transect 1994 (BLAST 1994) expedition was twofold: first, use a gas chromatograph / mass spectrometer (GC/MS) combination and test the reliablity ...

5. NOAA/CMDL Bromide Latitudinal Air/Sea Transect (BLAST II) 1994 Data [NOAA_CMDL_NOAH_BLAST2]
The NOAA/CMDL BLAST II 1994 cruise was a continuation of the BLAST I 94 mission in order to verify findings from the first cruise, but in the Atlantic Ocean rather than the Pacific. In addition to ...

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