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1. Automatic weather station measurements for debris covered ice, bare ice and snow accumulation area over two summer season on the McMurdo Ice Shelf [K053_2003_2005_NZ_2]
An automatic weather station (AWS) was installed in three separate surface types in the vicinity of Bratina Island on the McMurdo Ice Shelf (MIS) over two summer seasons, in order to identify the ...

2. Short term climate measurements and permafrost and soil moisture content of coastal mountain zones: Coombs Hills, Convoy Range and Asgard Range [K150_1994_1995_NZ_1]
Permafrost and soil moisture properties were measured at 15 sites in the Coombs Hills and Northwind Glacier and from 2 additional sites in the Asgard Range and the lower Barwick Valley to determine ...

Showing 1 through 2 of 2

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