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1. Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Surface Weather Data for England Including the Royal Meteorology Society Climatology (1760-1928) [NCL182192193194214215216217219]
The data resides in 2 books, 'The meteorological record Monthly results of observations made at the stations of the meteorological society, 1881-1894.' (C/de75 A1). These books contain tables of daily, ...

2. Met Office - Land Surface Observation Stations Data [BADC_UKMO_LAND_SURFACE]
Daily measurements form a long-term record of historical weather conditions. In contrast, hourly measurements allow the analysis of current weather systems with hourly resolution. ...

3. High-Resolution Soundings Data from the Priority Sounding Stations(PSS) Collected during TOGA COARE [COARE_lsa_pss]
DATA ACCESS The soundings data are available through the WWW (World Wide Web)/CODIAC interface at "". Priority Sounding Station (PSS) log files are available via anonymous ...

4. The whole Hapex-Sahel experience data [HAPEX-DATA]
HAPEX-Sahel: the Hydrology-Atmosphere Pilot Experiment in the Sahel, 1990-1992. (The following text is an extract of : Geographical, biological and remote sensing aspects of the Hydrologic Atmospheric ...

5. Southern Ocean data from the Discovery Reports (1925-1951) [BODC_Discovery_Reports]
The data set comprises the series of nine Discovery Reports published between 1929 and 1957, containing station lists of measurements taken by RRS Discovery and RRS William Scoresby and staff of the ...

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