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1. African Water Stress Study for the World Water Development Report II [UNH_WWRDII_AFRICA]
Outputs from a Water Balance and Transport Model (WBM/WTM) were used to determine the spatial distribution of renewable water supply, expressed as the sum of local runoff and river corridor discharge. ...

2. Global Patterns of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Soils on a 0.5 Degree Grid Cell Basis, CDIAC/DB1015 [CDIAC_DB1015]
[Summary adopted from db1015 documentation] This database contains global, spatially explicit (0.5 degree grid cells) and temporally explicit (monthly and annual) model output of ...

3. Interannual Variability in Global Soil Respiration on a 0.5 Degree Grid Cell Basis (1980-1994), CDIAC/NDP-081 [CDIAC_NDP-081]
[Summary adopted from NDP-081 documentation] We used a climate-driven regression model to develop spatially resolved estimates of soil-CO2 emissions from the terrestrial land ...

4. Irrigation Water Withdrawls for the World Water Development II [UNH_WWRDII_IRRWAT]
Gridded field of irrigation withdrawals for 1995 (in km3 per year) at 30 minute (lattitude by longitude) resolution (Vorosmarty et al., 2005). Country-level irrigation withdrawals per capita (World ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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