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1. NODC Taxonomic Code Version 8.0 [NOAA_NODC_TAXONOMIC_CODE]
The National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) Taxonomic Code is the largest, most flexible, and widely used of the various coding schemes that have been developed to adapt the Linnean system of ...

2. Coastal Maine Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Data 1993-1997 [Coastal_Change_Analysis_Program_Maine_SAV_data_set]
Maine's eelgrass (SAV) meadows form an important aquatic habitat for the state. These meadows provide shelter for juvenile fish, and invertebrates. In certain locations they also help stabilize unconsolidated ...

3. Meteorological Observations and Climate Data from Moscow, Russia (1810-1937) [NCL00087_88]
The climate data resides in 1 book, 'Meteoroligische Beobachtungen in Moskau im Jahre' (C/db L685) written in German. The data contained in this book are daily and monthly surface climatic data for ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3

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