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1. Decadal Sea Surface Temperature Variability in the Sub-Tropical South Pacific from 1726 to 1997 A.D. from WDC/Paleoclimatology [NOAA_NGDC_PALEO_LINSLEY_SST]
[Summary from the NOAA/NCDC/WDC Paleoclimatolgy data description: A 271 year record of Sr/Ca variability in a coral from Rarotonga in the South Pacific gyre. Calibration with monthly sea surface ...

2. Mount Logan Ice Core Isotope and Accumulation Data, NOAA/NCDC/WDC Paleoclimatology [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_2002-79]
This data set consists of a 301-year snow accumulation record from from Mount Logan, Yukon Territory, Canada. Snow accumulation is in meters, water equivalent, Estimated error +/- ...

3. Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) North Pacific Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies [JISAO_PDO_SST_ANOM]
The University of Washington Department of Atmospheric Sciences offers a &Pacific Decadal Oscillation& (PDO) north Pacific SST anomalies dataset. These are updated standardized values ...

4. Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) Reconstruction, NOAA/NCDC/WDC Paleoclimatology [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_2001-001]
This data consists of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) reconstruction based on tree ring chronologies. Climate in the North Pacific and North American sectors has experienced interdecadal shifts ...

5. Ras Umm Sidd Coral Oxygen Isotope Data, NOAA/NCDC/WDC Paleoclimatology [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_2000-067]   CHILD METADATA
This data set consists of Ras Umm Sidd bimonthly coral oxygen isotope data (coral core RUS-95). [Abstract] A 245-year coral oxygen isotope record from the northern Red Sea ...

6. Santa Barbara Basin Holocene Stable Oxygen Isotope Data [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO2003-037]
Core JPC-76, Santa Barbara Basin, offshore southern California 34 16'16"N, 120 04'22"W; 575 m water depth, core length 11 m. Stable isotope analyses were carried out at 1 cm sample spacing using ...

7. Southwestern USA Linear Regression and Neural Network Precipitation Reconstructions, NOAA/NCDC/WDC Paleoclimatology [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_2002-080]
This data set consists of a comparison of the linear regression and neural network models for precipitation reconstruction from a network of tree ring chronologies. Data include the reconstructed ...

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