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1. Glaciology Data Report, Casey 1986 [glacio_data_report_1986_casey]
A report of the data collected from the 1986 Glaciology program at Casey. Includes measurements of ice movement, accumulation, snow temperature, gravity, magnetic, weather data, surface density and ...

2. IAGP Data for 1978 From Casey [glacio_78_iagp_data_casey]
A collection of data/observations recorded during the 1978 IAGP traverse from Casey. Included in the collection are accumulation stake height readings, barometric levelling observations, precise distance ...

3. Glaciology 1981 Traverse Data Report (inland from Casey) - M. Hendy [glacio_1981_traverse_data_report]
A report on the four oversnow traverses carried out in 1981 from Casey, inland to Law Dome and Wilkes Land. Includes copy of the data collected for accumulation and density measurements, barometric ...

4. Glaciology 1987 "Traverse 1B" (Law Dome, Wilkes Land) Records and Measurements [glacio_87_traverse1b]
A 46 day traverse out of Casey across Law Dome/Wilkes Land carried out a large number of measurements as they traveled along their route. A number of ice core holes were drilled, and the ice temperatures ...

5. Glaciology 1987 "Traverse 5" (Law Dome, Wilkes Land) Records and Measurements [glacio_87_traverse5]
A 96 day traverse out of Casey across Law Dome and Wilkes Land performed a number of measurements including air pressure, air temperature, borehole temperature, gravity and snow accumulation at snow ...

6. Accumulation Measurements from Pioneerskaya to Dome C, 1982-84 [accum-measurements-domec-traverse-1982]
Initial accumulation levels measured on traverse in 1982/83, and re-measurement of some poles on the 1983/84 traverse. These documents have been archived in the records store at the Australian Antarctic ...

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