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1. Law Dome/Wilkes Land Traverse Data 1984 [law_dome_wilkes_land_1984]
Raw logs for snow accumulation, snow density, gravity and snow pit stratigraphy recorded during 1984 traverse season on Law Dome/Wilkes Land. Copies of these documents have been archived in the records ...

2. Development and application of particle separator technology for removal of contaminants from water in Antarctica; Site Characterisation, geochemistry [ASAC_1300_UMELB_SC]
The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) has identified the Thala Valley Tip near Casey Station as a high priority site for remediation. However there are difficulties with regards to contaminant dispersal ...

3. Field work results carried out on Law Dome and Wilkes Land, 1964 [fieldwork_lawdome_1964]
A collection of notes and field data collected in traverse work on Law Dome/Wilkes Land in 1964. Includes data on gravity, air pressure (barometric levelling), air temperature, wind, snow accumulation ...

4. Heard Island- Glacier extents mapped from satellite imagery and aerial photography. [heard_glacier_gis]
Abstract from: 'An inventory of present glaciers on Heard Island and their historical variation' by Andrew Ruddell. Heard Island is a large ice-covered volcanic cone situated in the south Indian ...

5. IMAGEAntarctica Database - A Catalogue of Antarctic Images by the Australian Antarctic Division [DB_IMAGEAntarctica]
The IMAGEAntarctica catalogue contains records of images held in the Australian Antarctic Division's Multimedia Image Library. The material predominantly depicts Australia's presence and activities ...

6. Snow Accumulation Measurements on Law Dome, 1977 [lawdome_accumulation_1977]
Raw log of recorded accumulation measurements from snow canes on Law Dome during the 1977 traverse work. Copies of these documents have been archived in the records store of the Australian Antarctic ...

7. Snow accumulation stake readings on Law Dome, Spring Traverse 1964 [snowstake_lawdome_1964]
Snow accumulation stake readings from traverse on Law Dome in spring, 1964. Hand-copied from original log book, with several annotations added.

8. Survey report 2008/09 summer season Geoscience Australia Authors - Ryan Ruddick and Alex Woods / Geoscience Australia [survey_2008-09]
This metadata record details a number of survey reports produced by Geoscience Australia surveyors, during the 2008-2009 Antarctic season. The available survey reports in pdf format are: Davis gravity ...

9. Survey report 2010/11 summer season Geoscience Australia Authors - Ryan Ruddick, Sam Griffiths and Nicholas Brown / Geoscience [survey_2010-11]
Executive Summary from the report: Geoscience Australia's involvement in Antarctica has primarily been focused on the maintenance and enhancement of geodetic infrastructure within the Australian Antarctic ...

Showing 1 through 9 of 9

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