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1. Investigations of the moraines and raised marine deposits and fossils at Black Island and Brown Peninsula, McMurdo Sound [K042_1964_1965_NZ_1]
In the 1963-64 field season, a helicopter reconnaissance was conducted at White Island, Black Island and Brown Peninsula. The reconnaissance showed that there was scope for a comprehensive survey ...

2. Lateral profiling of facies and sediments, and examination of trace fossils and altered Pivot Member sediments to describe the depositional environment of the quartzose sandstones of the Beacon Supergroup [K040_1993_1994_NZ_1]
The origin of quartzose sandstones in the lower part (Devonian) of the Beacon Supergroup, southern Victoria Land, has generated considerable debate. This project examined in detail the lowermost Beacon ...

Showing 1 through 2 of 2

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