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1. BDSNP Module for Improved Soil NO Emission Estimates for CMAQ Model, Conterminous USA [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/1351_1]
This model product provides: (1) the source code for the updated Berkeley-Dalhousie Soil Nitric Oxide (NO) Parameterization module (BDSNP, Version 1.0) as implemented with the Community Multi-scale ...

2. BOREAS TGB-03 Plant Species Composition Data over the NSA Fen [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/382_1]
Composition of plant species that were within the collars used to measure net ecosystem exchange (NEE).

3. CONUS Soil Database for the Conterminous United States [PSU_CONUS_SOIL]
CONUS-SOIL is a multi-layer soil characteristics data set for the conterminous United States which has been specifically designed for regional and continental-scale climate, hydrology, and ecosystem ...

4. Digital Soil Information for England and Wales [LandIS]
The National Soil Resources Institute incorporates the former Soil Survey and Land Research Centre and as a result maintains all the published and unpublished paper soil reports and maps for England ...

5. European Soil Database V2 Raster Library -1km x 1km [EUSOILS_ESDB]
The European Soil Database (ESDB) is the main source of information from which most other data information and services are derived. For instance, the European Soil Database v2 Raster Library contains ...

6. IAI-Data-CRN_012-Chile: Comparison of principal ecosystem functions in forests of contrasting biodiversity in Chile and Argentina [IAIDIS752]   PARENT METADATA
The main objective of this work is to compare principal ecosystem functions in forests of contrasting biodiversity (low in Argentina, high in Chile) and primary productivity in southern temperate ...

7. NASA Land Information System (LIS) Data Sets [NASA_LIS_DATA]
The Land Information System (LIS) provides collection of sample data for demonstration of LIS code. The original source of each data set is given whenever possible. LIS does not endorse the validity, ...

8. Soil biogeochemical toxicity end points for sub-Antarctic islands contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons [ASAC_1163_Soil_Tox_Pet]
Taken from the abstract of the referenced paper: Sub-Antarctic islands have been subjected to petroleum hydrocarbon spills, yet no information is available regarding the toxicity of petroleum hydrocarbons ...

9. The Accumulation and Bioavailability of Soil Nitrogen and Carbon Under Long-term Farming Systems in Pennsylvania. [usda.ars.PSWMRL.LongTermFarm]
(from Project Abstract) Problem: the objective of this research is to determine and contrast soil nitrogen, soil carbon, and soil phosphorus accumulation and availability under common farming systems ...

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