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1. Broadbalk Wheat Experiment, Soil Organic Matter Network (SOMNET), U.K. [IACR.Broadbalk]
This experiment began in 1843. The site was possibly farmed since Roman times (i.e at least 1500 years). Map of 1623 shows field in arable use. 1839-1843 arable crops: turnips, barley, peas, wheat, ...

2. Combination Trial F1-70, Soil Organic Matter in Cropland Experiment, Germany. [MLU.F1-70]
This experiment was initiated in 1967. The crops grown are potatoes, winter wheat,winter barley,sugar beet,spring barley. The treatments are: Stable manure at 4 rates on potatoes & sugar beet; mineral ...

3. Crop Rotation/Fertilization Trial F1-07, Germany [MLU.Seehausen]
This experiment began in 1958. The experimental site is in the Eastern German continental climate in the Leipzig Basin. The average climatic conditions at the experimental site are: Minimum ...

4. Long Term Experiment No. 2, Soil Organic Matter Network, England [IACR.No2]
This experiment was initiated in 1965 at a site that has been in arable use for a very long time. The land use in this experiment consists of a cropping sequence: Sugar beet, Spring oats, Winter wheat, ...

5. Organic and Mineral Fertilizers I, N and C Balances, Long Term Soil Organic Matter Database, Switzerland [SAR.RAC.Fertilize2]
This experiment began in 1975 at a cool temperate site with brown calcereous, slightly hydromorphic soil. Before the experiment began the soil had been cultivated for at least 20 years according to ...

6. Pantnagar Centre, Uttar Pradesh (All India Coordinated Research Project on Long-Term Fertilizer Experiments)- Soil Organic Matter Database [IISS.Pantnagar]
This project began in 1971 at a tropical site that was once natural forest. The soil is described as a Beni silty clay loam series of fine loamy mixed hyperthermic family of Aquic Hapludoll (USDA). ...

7. Pendleton Residue Management, Long Term Soil Organic Matter Project [USDA.ARS.CPCRC.Pendleton]
This experiment began in 1931 at a cool temperate site that was originally grassland. The site was used in the production of cereal grains from 1881-1931. The the soil at the site is described as ...

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