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1. Geological and paleoceanographic evolution of the South Atlantic and the adjacent Antarctic margins [CNDA-ESP_ANT93-1008-C03-HE014]
In English: The GEBRA '93 survey was carried out in December 1993 in the waters of Bransfield Strait and adjacent areas, on board B.I.O. Hesperides. Different types of measurements were performed ...

2. MAGSAT Magnetic Field Data, Anomaly Plots, Plus Analysis Software at NSSDC [MAGSAT-GEN]
The Magsat project was a joint NASA/USGS effort to measure near-earth magnetic fields on a global basis. Objectives included obtaining an accurate description of the earth's magnetic field, obtaining ...

3. Magnetic Anomaly Map of East Asia 1:4,000,000 CD-ROM [GSJ_EASTASIA_CDROM]
The objective of this CD-ROM publication is to provide users with gridded digital magnetic anomaly data obtained from the programme and also to give you chances of displaying the map on ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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