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1. Global Bathymetric and Topographic Data in a 5-Minute Grid Available from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography [SIO_PORD_ETOPO5]
The ETOPO5 data set consists of global bathymetric and topographic data in a 5-minute grid. Users can subset the data for various grid resolutions (5min, 10min, 15min, 30min, 1deg, 2deg, ...

2. Northeast Pacific Seismicity Quarterly Epicenter Maps [NESEISMIC_VENTS]
Earthquake location maps for the NE Pacific have been accumulated since August 29, 1991. The source location fixes are based on bearing and arrival time information at 3 to 11 SOSUS hydrophone sites. ...

3. Geologic and geophysical study of the Scotia Arc: The Southern ridge of the Scotia area [CNDA-ESP_SCOTIA-92-HE003]
In English: The objectives of this campaign were: -Transition among different plates and sub-plates; Shetland, Drake, Scotia and Antarctic and their joint points. -Study of the link between the ...

4. Geological evolution of the Pacific margin of Western Antarctica: sea-floor spreading and plate tectonics [CNDA-ESP_ANT95-0889-HE037]
In English: The cruise GEBRAP'96 has been carried out on board RV Hesperides from 03.12.96 to 06.01.97 in the northern Bellinghausen Sea, the Gerlache Strait and Bransfield Basin, Western Antarctica. ...

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