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1. Krill flux, acoustic methodology and penguin foraging - an integrated study. [ASAC_1250]
---- Public Summary from Project ---- This project is designed to provide an understanding of the interactions between krill, other zooplankton, the physical environment and the predators dependent ...

2. AAD Hydroacoustics hard disks - data collected from Southern Ocean cruises 1993-2004 [AAD_Hydroacoustics_data]
Hydroacoustics data obtained from Australian Antarctic Division voyages from 1993 to 2004. Voyages were made to various locations within the Southern Ocean. Data are stored on 14 hard disks, 1 CD-R ...

3. Hydroacoustic data collected from Southern Ocean Cruises by the Australian Antarctic Division [AAD_Hydroacoustics_data_All]
The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) has been collecting hydroacoustic data from its ocean going vessels for a number of years. This collection represents all hydroacoustic data gathered since ...

4. Acoustic data of multi-frequency acoustic system [UM0708_25_multi-frequency_acoustic]
Vertical profiles of volume backscattering strength recorded by multi-frequency acoustic system for estimate size-abundance spectra of small zooplankton. The system was horizontally mounted on CTD ...

5. RAFOS Floats in the North Atlantic; University of Rhode Island [URI_RAFOS_Floats]
RAFOS floats are neutrally buoyant isopycnal drifters, which are tracked acoustically by ranging to as many as five sound sources that were moored at the depth of the permanent sound ...

6. Northeast Pacific Seismicity Quarterly Epicenter Maps [NESEISMIC_VENTS]
Earthquake location maps for the NE Pacific have been accumulated since August 29, 1991. The source location fixes are based on bearing and arrival time information at 3 to 11 SOSUS hydrophone sites. ...

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