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1. Atlas of World Ocean Circulation Experiment Data for Southern Ocean [WOCE_SO]
This site is an online Atlas of hydrographic data products for the region extending to the south of 30, nominally the Southern Ocean. Static atlas products are available for browsing and downloading, ...

2. Southern Ocean Atlas Database [WOCE_SO_DB]
The Southern Ocean Atlas Database is a collection of 94,280 hydrographic stations located south of 25 degrees south. Data from Bottle-sampled and continuous CTD casts derived from multiple data sources ...

3. Electronic Atlas of World Ocean Circulation Experiment Data (eWOCE) [AWI_EWOCE]
All publicly available bottle data of the WOCE Hydrographic Programme(WHP)have been compiled into an integrated dataset(WoceBtl). Together with the Ocean Data View (ODV) visualization software for ...

4. WOCE (World Ocean Circulation Experiment) Global Data, Version 2 [NODC_WOCE_V2]
The World Ocean Circulation Experiment is the part of the World Climate Research Programme that is providing improvements in ocean circulation models for use in climate prediction. The oceans are ...

5. WOCE Hydrographic program Atlantic Ocean Online Atlas [WOCE_Atlantic]
The Atlantic Atlas is Volume 4 of a series of hydrographic Atlas books and websites for the presentation of the hydrographic work carried out during the World Ocean Circulation Experiment. Vertical ...

6. WOCE Hydrographic program Pacific Ocean Online Atlas [WOCE_Pacific]
This data is offered for investigators to view a preliminary version of Pacific atlas sections. Computer-generated: P01, P01W, P03, P04, P06, P08, P09, P10, P11, P14, P17NE, P18, P19, P21, P24 and ...

7. World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) Global Data, Version 1.0, on CD-ROM [NOAA_NODC_WOCE_CDROM]
The World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) was an unprecedented effort during 1990-1997 by scientists from more than 30 nations to study the large-scale circulation of the ocean. ...

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