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1. Georges Bank Nutrient and Phytoplankton Chlorophyll Data from Univ. of Maine (GLOBEC Program) [UME_SMS_PHYPL_CHL_NUTR]
Nutrient and chlorophyll vertical profiles and aerial contour plots are available for the Georges Bank region of the northwest Atlantic Ocean near the Gulf of Maine. ...

2. LTER Georgia Coastal Ecosystems - October 2001 surface water phytoplankton productivity for 10 Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER sampling sites [page15_LTER_GCE_PHP_GCEM_0302b]   PARENT METADATA
Water samples were collected by Niskin bottle or by hand from just beneath the surface during low tide surveys at or near 10 GCE-LTER sampling sites in October 2001. The incorporation of radiolabelled ...

3. NOAA/CMDL Bromide Latitudinal Air/Sea Transect (BLAST II) 1994 Data [NOAA_CMDL_NOAH_BLAST2]
The NOAA/CMDL BLAST II 1994 cruise was a continuation of the BLAST I 94 mission in order to verify findings from the first cruise, but in the Atlantic Ocean rather than the Pacific. In addition to ...

4. Process study CTD surveys, at different hydrographic regimes on Georges Bank, 1992 - 1999, GLOBEC. [nmfs_ctd_GB]
Process Study CTD temperature and salinity surveys were conducted in discrete/different hydrographic regimes on Georges Bank to better understand environmental impacts on zooplankton ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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