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1. Climate Data Available from the Boston, Massachusetts National Weather Service Forecast Office [NWS_BOX_CLIMDATA] The Boston, Massachusetts National Weather Service Forecast Office offers historical climatology data sets for cities in the Northeastern United ...

2. WOCE Ocean Surface Meteorological Data from the Surface Meteorological Data Assembly Center (DAC) at Florida State University [FSU_COAPS_WOCEMET_DAC]
The World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) Data Assembly Center (DAC) for Surface Meteorology (WOCE-MET) collects, checks, and distributes all underway surface meteorological data recorded ...

3. Sea ice observations along ship's track, continental margin to west of Antarctic Peninsula, GLOBEC. [seaice_SO]
Sea ice, ice snow cover and meteorological conditions were observed on a near hourly basis along the ship's tracks, Jul-Aug 2001 and Aug-Sep 2002. Sea ice types ...

4. Fronts and Atlantic Storm Track Experiment (FASTEX) at UCAR/JOSS/NOAA/CODIAC [FASTEX_UCA_JOSS_NOAA_CODIAC]
The primary goal of the FASTEX field program was to advance the scientific understanding necessary to enable detailed diagnosis and prediction of the ...

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