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1. Nova Scotia Geoscience Digital Products [Canada_NovaScotia_GeosciDigProd]
This collection contains all of the downloadable digital geoscience data products produced by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, Mineral Resources Branch (MRB). These products include ...

2. Nova Scotia Geoscience Publications (NovaScan) [Canada_NovaScotia_NovaScan]
This product provides on-line search capabilities for Nova Scotia's bibliographic geoscience database called NovaScan. All records contained in NovaScan are accessible as FGDC compliant metadata though ...

3. Australian Geological Activities in the Northern Prince Charles Mountains [Geology_NPCMs]
A dataset describing Australian Geological activities in the Northern Prince Charles Mountains from 1987 to 1996. The data are stored in an excel spreadsheet and contains information such as dates, ...

4. Biology of lichen communities in Antarctica. [CNDA-ESP_LIQ_PAD]   CHILD METADATA
In English: This dataset contains information on the registered data on studies of the biology of lichen communities in Antarctica. This dataset is also the parent record ...

5. Composition of Chinese Rocks; WDC-D [EARTH_CRUST_WDCD_ROCK1]
This is a database that describes the chemical analysis (major, minor, and trace elements) of six major rock types. They are used as test materials for calibrating instruments.

6. National Geochemical Database: National Uranium Resource Evaluation Data for the Conterminous United States [USGS-DDS-18-A]
This is an online version of a CD-ROM publication. It is intended for use only on DOS-based computer systems. The files must be downloaded onto your computer before they can be used. The files are ...

7. ORGCHEM Petroleum Source Rock Database; BMR, Australia [EARTH_CRUST_AUS_BMR_Petrol_DB1]
ORGCHEM is a relational database that contains organic geochemical data used for petroleum source rock assessment. The majority of data is from petroleum exploration wells drilled offshore and onshore ...

8. Organic Geochemistry Data of Alaska [USGS-DDS-59]
About the Database: The U. S. Geological Survey Energy Resources Team?s Organic Geochemistry Laboratory is a research laboratory devoted to the investigation of the origin and occurrence of organic ...

9. Photosynthesis and water relationships on Antarctic nanofruticose lichens. [CNDA-ESP_ANT94-0907-E_LIQ_06]   PARENT METADATA
In English: Scientific objectives: -To study the photosynthetic behaviour of lichen nanofruticose species (Bacidia Stipata, buellia cladocarpiza, Catillaria corymbosa and ...

10. The National Geochemical Survey - Database and Documentation [USGS_OFR_2004_1001]
The USGS, in collaboration with other federal and state government agencies, industry, and academia, is conducting the National Geochemical Survey (NGS) to produce a body of geochemical ...

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