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1. Geochemistry, paleomagnetism and intrusive history of the Ferrar Dolerites, Antarctica [K061_2004_2007_NZ_1]
A suite of geological samples were collected in the Transanatarctic Mountains for paleomagnetic and geochemical analysis. Combined with field observations, these samples will help determine magma ...

2. Geological surveys, seismology, chemistry, geology and lava sampling at the Mt Erebus summit crater to investigate the behaviour of the volcano [K044_1972_1982_NZ_1]
An international study of the volcanic activity and geological processes taking place on Mt Erebus were investigated over 10 seasons. The broad program involved several investigations. ...

3. Measurements of gases, particulates and energy from the plume, air, rocks, snow, ice, steam, gas and soils of Mt Erebus, Ross Island [K092_1989_1990_NZ_1]
Mt Erebus gases, particulates and energy forms an important source of chemical species in the Antarctic environment and its important that the composition and quantity of the components of the plume ...

4. Seismic, infrasonic and magnetic induction data from Mt Erebus: 1980-1986, The International Mt Erebus Seismci Survey (IMESS) [K044_1980_1986_NZ_1]
The International Mt Erebus Seismic Survey (IMESS) was conducted on Mt Erebus to monitor and assess the seismic activity of the volcano year round. Seismic, infrasonic and magnetic induction data ...

5. The geothermal and volcanic activity of Mt Melbourne and Mt Erebus [K044_1972_1973_NZ_1]
The geology and the geothermal and volcanic activity of Mt Melbourne and Mt Erebus was investigated by surveying the summit craters of each volcano. At Mt Melbourne, the thermal activity was investigated ...

6. Video surveillance recordings and seismic activity of Mt Erebus: 1986-1991, The International Mt Erebus Eruption Mechanism Study (IMEEMS) [K044_1986_1991_NZ_1]
Studies of the location of earthquake foci at Mt Erebus found that eruption earthquakes had an apparent range of depths to 4km, but that infrasonic signals were more consistant with a surface origin. ...

7. Volcanology and sedimentology of the phreatomagmatic eruptive system of the Mawson Formation in Coombs Hills, Victoria Land, Antarctica [K061_1999_2000_NZ_1]
The volcanology and sedimentology of a phreatomagmatic eruptive system in the Coombs Hills, Victoria Land was investigated to determine how magmatism is initiated and evolves during continental rifting. ...

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